Steve Tolloczko

Our interview with Steve Tolloczko, a photographer based in the UK with an outstanding eye for composition and detail.

“Film has allowed me to express my creativity in a way that digital photography never did.” 

landscape photograph of UK beach 

Do you think that film is truly still alive, even in such a digital era?

“100%. For me personally, film has allowed me to express my creativity in a way that digital photography never did. It’s cliché but the process has really slowed me down and made me think more about the photos I take. The community side of it too is amazing. I’ve met some awesome people over Social Media, and having that platform to share your work and get feedback from like minded people is great. People moan about how people only shoot film because it’s ‘cool’ and they don’t truly appreciate the medium.. I say, the more the better - it means companies keep investing and making the film stocks I love to shoot!”

What made you first pick up a film camera?

“When I was younger, my Dad purchased all the equipment you need to start his own little darkroom, and we would develop his films and enlarge them together. I wasn’t that interested at the time and focused more on my other hobbies. When I got older, I went to Art School and purchased my first DSLR. This got me into photography, and I ended up going full circle and stealing my Dad’s film camera that was used to take the photos we developed together! After shooting a few rolls through it, I fell in love with the process and purchased my own - a Canon A1 about 4 years ago! However, it’s only really been the last 2 years where I’ve transitioned purely over to analogue.”

“The best camera is the one you have with you.”

black and white landscape of UK beach

Can you tell us a little about these photos that you took at this beach?

“Sure! These were actually taken on a trip my girlfriend and I took to Cornwall, UK last year. We drove right down to the most southern point of the UK, and found some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen in this country. The water was so blue, and the perspective I had made for one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken. We didn’t stop at this beach though, we knew of a different one a little further on so we carried on walking. This led us to the site where this picture was taken and an even scarier cliff face! Getting down to the beach was not fun, but was worth worth it. It’s called Pedn Vounder - 100% recommend it.”

Are there any quotes that you live by?

“Not really, no. I just like to take each day at a time. I guess if I had to choose, it would be the classic ‘the best camera is the one you have with you.’”


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