Diego Villagra Motta

"We, in this country, are used the idea of only focusing on people for their physical appearance. But I wanted to shoot attitude and personality."

Diego Villagra Motta told us about how he went from being a stylist and art director, to beginning a career in film photography.

girl in a bikini with horses

The photo above is featuring @ximenamoral for @aguavivaswim x @lunasobrino

How did your career in film photography begin?

“I've always been shooting. I've always been that guy who likes to bring a little disposable to parties and shoot people that catch my attention, but I never thought of it as anything more than a hobby.

I worked as a stylist and art director, and I would get really annoyed when I busted my ass planning a look, or when I would have to work an editorial with a photographer that wouldn't listen to my suggestions and only cared about "his style of photo" (which is completely understandable). But then I said you know what, fuck it, I'm gonna do it myself. So about 4 months ago I bought a Fujifilm Power Shot for $10 and started to shoot.”

girl taken on 35mm film in the garden

We asked Diego about his experience shooting film photography in Peru, and how he, as a photographer, breaks away from the traditional standards. 

What do you usually like to shoot?

"Since I've been in the fashion industry in Peru for so long I already had an idea of who I wanted to shoot and why. I like people with stories and that have something to say. I always ask the models I shoot with not to pose, but to jump, throw a fit, do whatever they feel. I like to shoot something that evokes an emotion."

a couple of models lay in the grass

Can you tell us a little about the photo above?

"This shoot was something different since Flavia and Patricio are considered Peruvian celebrities and I wanted to focus on the idea of them being in love, and I truly felt it when I was shooting. PS. We ended with so many mosquito bites but it was worth it. Featuring @patoparodi18 @flavialaosu."

  • Fujifilm Power Shot 
  • Fujifilm 100

fashion shoot on 35mm film

What is the film community like where you're from, and how do you fit in with that?

"In a country so reserved like Peru, shooting the misfits and the people that are a minority to the standards is a taboo. We, in this country are used the idea of only focusing on people for their physical apperance. But I wanted to shoot attitude and personality."


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