Alex Massek

Lockdown in London.

Our interview with Alexander Massek, a photographer and director based in London and New York City. Over recent years he has worked with a wide variety of brands, models, musicians, and artists.

Alongside his solo projects, Alex is also the Founder and Head of Photography at Ampersand Media, a London based photography, design, and videography company.

Double Exposure black and white film photography

Can you tell us a little about this shot?

"This was taken shortly after lockdown in London. I wanted to capture the mood felt at the time while experimenting with double exposure. The use of double exposure is to represent the duality of emotions that I felt during this time."

How did you stay creative during lockdown?

"I went through a whole range of feelings over those few months, some highs and lows. I think photography gave me something to really look forward to, but subconsciously there’s a lot of unknowing during this time. It’s hard to say what the future holds, so in that sense a double exposure represents this feeling well."

double exposure photography

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