Cities on Film Submission

Cities on Film

MFA is all about building an international community of photographers, bringing together people who love film to share their work. Welcome to Cities on Film, our way to celebrate the film scene in different cities around the world.

Each month will focus on a different location, bringing your work, words and recommendations together to produce a gallery and interactive directory to the cities MFA followers call home. This is your chance to show what your city means to you - whether you were born there, recently moved, or simply feel a connection to the space. We will be curating and selecting submissions for a post each month and your work could be featured on our website as well as part of a future print series.

How to Submit 

  • Submit at least 1 Film Photograph
  • Words about your city - why do you love it? Could you sum up your city in three words? What is the film community like there? You can even include poetry/creative writing about your city here.
  • City Recommendations - your top recommendations for film photographers? (eg. Camera shops, shoot locations, galleries, museums, studios, hidden gems...)
  • You can re-submit as many times as you like 

The city for this month is: London 

Submissions close on: 16th May 2021


For more information, please email

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