Catarina Milhais Reis

Born in the town of Cascais in Portugal, Catarina Milhais Reis never fails to capture the beautiful colours and vibrancy of her home country. 

Having lived all her life between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sintra Mountains, she loves to accentuate the strong colours of the places she visits. You'll find blue in almost every photograph she takes - the ocean and the sky that she grew up between are constant features of her work. Her goal is to bring happiness through her photography and to help others forget any dark moments they may be experiencing. 

Is there a particular piece of work that you're proud of?

"It’s very difficult to choose just one photo, but I can share the one photo that I first felt really proud of and gave me strength and motivation to push my creative side more and more. It is this one."

Why is photography important to you?

"For me, the importance of taking a photo is, and always was, the idea that someday, when I’m older and my memory may play tricks on me, I’ll have photos that will trigger my memories. Also it’s what I’ll have to show future generations about my life, the places I’ve visited and the moments I’ve lived during my lifetime."

What made you first pick up a film camera?

"I’ve always had an interest in photography and loved picking up old family albums and see all those memories, all taken with film cameras. Also, the first time I took photos was with a film camera when I was only about 8 years old, with a roll of kodak film. The look, the feel that I got with it, made me want to try it out later in life."

What message do you try and convey with your photos?

"The message in my photos is simply my vision of life, my way of seeing what is around me and what catches my eye."

What techniques and effects, if any, do you use?

"I don’t use any effects or specific techniques, but I can say that I use mainly SLR cameras and mostly Kodak film to get the look that I want."

How would you say your work is original, and stands out? What makes it different?

"This is a difficult question. What I can say is that I take photos of what surrounds me and what catches my attention, so when someone else sees my work will see throughout my eyes, my world, my reality. I think it’s the most unique thing that I can do, by being true to my instincts."

film photo taken of a windy road

What advice would you give to someone starting film photography?

"I would advise anyone to be true to themselves, don’t give up and don’t stop learning by making mistakes. The more you dedicate yourselves to something, the better you will become. And most important of all, shoot for you and then if you want share with others, don’t take photos for others and depend on others to like your work. I guess that is the key."

Are there any quotes that you live by?

"'Be true to yourself', I can’t really think of a better quote to have in life."

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