Meet Our Contributors

Natasha Sotiraki / Modern Film Archive Owner and Curator

Natasha is the creator and curator behind Modern Film Archive. MFA is dedicated to spotlighting film photographers and is centered around learning more about the people behind the camera lens. It is a community for up and coming film photographers and a space to learn more about film photography as a creative outlet. Natasha interviews all film photographers and is the creative lead behind all projects directed by MFA.

Miles Hammond / Graphic Utility

Graphic Utility is an independent design studio ran by Miles Hammond. At the forefront of his practise Miles looks to create work in collaboration with bold, passionate and engaged clients. It’s based on this set of working principals that In Grain was born. The project was, and continues to be, an entirely collaborative endeavour with real excitement about how the project will continue to grow and develop in order to deliver progressive, exciting and far-reaching content.

Rebecca Knight / Creative Writer

Drawn in by the creative potential and magic of film, Becca has been taking photos alongside reading and watching anything she can about analogue photography for years. Contributing to MFA has allowed her to combine her love for both words and imagery, creating blog posts and dreaming up future projects. You can see more of her work at

Dana Gingras / Creative Writer

Dana has been casually shooting film on and off for years, but a little over a year ago she discovered her love for the medium in a more focused way after relocating from the United States to France. Since then, she has been looking for ways to contribute to the film community, and in this search, her collaboration with the Modern Film Archive was born! She currently writes the POSITIVES ‘N NEGATIVES blog series which focuses on the two sides of the post-development experience: the photos we love and the photos we hate. To check out her personal work, visit her instagram @danatookthis.


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