Samuel Legault

Our interview with Montreal based photographer Samuel Legault. His skill for capturing the essence of his subjects and playing with shadows and light can be seen through his beautiful portraits. Samuel has worked for fashion, art and music brands. 

"Film carries mystery behind every picture, as if you could feel the soul of the photograph through those unique compositions"


What made you first pick up a film camera?

"I had already started doing photography at the time, using a digital camera, when my mom gave me her own film camera that was actually way older than me. I tried using it and really fell in love with the results. Every pictures felt like it shared a unique story. I always wanted to be a storyteller but I am not a good writer; film photography definitely became my medium to do so. Since then, I only use film when it comes to photography."

Do you have a particular photography style that you gravitate towards?

"It’s really hard to tell. I don’t especially gravitate around one specific style but I think I use different ones for different circumstances. Surely I do more of fashion and minimalist photography. Therefore, I really enjoy taking portraits, architecture, anything skateboard related and street style. What’s really nice about photography is being able to use a certain style in a different circumstance it is made for so you can constantly approach a frame in a various way, always making it unique."

What are you passionate about besides photography?

"I’m really passionate about fashion; I think that a lot of my work reflects this passion of mine. I would also add that most of my passions from when I was a kid are still as strong to this day, maybe even stronger. Manga, mythology, cinematography, art and architecture are all things that drive me and help me develop my own vision in photography.

When I think of it, most of my photos have been inspired by a scene from movie, a frame from one of my comics or a theme based on a folktale. We have such an incredible way of remembering specific details when we see something; like when I did a styling shoot, the way the clothing were worn reminded me of a scene in the movie Akira (film by Katsuhiro Otomo) and I think I took almost 10 shots based and inspired by that scene. It’s such a nice feeling to have! When it comes to passion it is so easy to get carried away and speak for hours since you love those subjects!"

"I always wanted to be a storyteller"


Can you tell us about a book/film/album that you have come across recently that has left a lasting impression on you?

"If we’re speaking of books, there are so many I could go on about but definitely “Garçon Style”, by Jonathan Daniel Pryce, is one to mention. The book is a fashion photography book and in terms of colour and photography, his work is stunning! He has a really unique way to present clothing and the person wearing it. Two years ago, I had the chance to meet him at Paris Fashion Week and we spoke about his work, including one very specific picture he took - it was truly an amazing experience."


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