Inspiration Collection - March

For multiple reasons, including International Women's Day being this month, I wanted to focus on and celebrate women in photography for March's inspiration collection. As with many industries, there is unfortunately still a gender pay gap within the creative sector. It's obviously important to celebrate photographers for their art, not just their gender, but this month I wanted to create a space in which to champion female creative work, and hopefully inspire you all.  




The Notion of Family - LaToya Ruby Mitchell 

Frazier works across photography, video and performance, addressing industrialism, family and communal history, healthcare inequality, environmental justice and rustbelt revitalisation. The Notion of Family is an award winning collection that explores the wider American legacies of racism and small town economic decline, through the lens of her hometown, Braddock. Frazier frames the book through three generations of her own family, in an exploration of a crisis that is both personal and wide reaching. You can read more about her work here.




Article on Walking Distance  

After moving to London from New Zealand, Sarah Burton Fielding explored her new neighbourhood through her camera lens, walking and photographing the residents, buildings and little quirks of Hackney. This is a really insightful article about the process of constructing Walking Distance, a love letter to the city. You can view the full collection on her website.



Nan and Brian in Bed, New York City. 1983. Silver dye bleach print, printed 2006, 15 1/2 × 23 3/16". The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


 The photographic great for this month is Nan Goldin, known for her work capturing 80s New York - an unflinching, honest portrayal of a life of partying, drag queens, hedonism and destruction. Documenting the post-Stonewall era, she focused her lens on family and friends within the LGBTQ community and the HIV crisis. Her work is bold, diaristic and empowering and Goldin's photographic legacy is still being seen today. This is a really great article if you want to know more about Goldin and her work.


Photo by Lauren Tepfer 

Colour in photography 

This Phototalk interview is with photographer and director Lauren Tepfer, who has worked with brands including Apple, Converse and Google. Although she doesn't shoot on film, this is a really interesting discussion on the use of colour in her work, how she edits in post and pulls series together - it's an invaluable resource, no matter what medium you shoot on. Focusing on Lauren's storytelling and process, I really enjoyed this introduction to her art. 



Photo by Karin Majoka

Three more great Youtube channels for you to explore this month!

Karin Majoka

German based Karin's videos cover everything from guides on developing to street photography. Informative and enjoyable, I also find her voice really calming, so her content is a great watch after a long day! I love the premise and execution of her collection yoke, which you can view on her website here.


Photo by Sophia Carey 

Sophia Carey 

With advice, tips, and behind the scenes access to shoots, Sophia's channel is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about film or working as a photographer. She often analyses her own work, talking you through how she uses colour, poses models or sets up lighting for shoots. Sophia works as a fashion photographer so her portraits in particular are incredible, but there's always so much to pick up from her content. 


Photo by @_ahzaa


Ahza takes beautiful self portraits - a really great skill to practice at the moment if you can't get out or shoot other people like usual. Her videos are short and often poetic, offering little golden windows into her film journey and how she shoots analogue photography. 



 She Shoots Film 

Featuring interviews, articles and photo essays, She Shoots Film aims to improve the representation, consideration and celebration of women in the field of photography. Focusing on promoting a more nuanced gaze, they also produce a print magazine. Visit the site to view some incredible work, and perhaps even submit something yourself!


Photo by Yezoi Hwang 

Fast Forward 

Fast Forward is a research project 'highlighting the work of women photographers and questioning the way that the established canons have been formed.' Engaging with women worldwide, it was set up following a panel discussion at Tate Modern in 2014 and is based at the University of Creative Arts. Alongside the research work, Fast Forward has an extensive gallery, hundreds of articles, podcasts and videos, as well as an opportunities section specifically for promoting awards and submissions. 



Lizzie Hadfield 

Blogger, podcast host, Youtuber and all round creative Lizzie Hadfield produces beautiful content and I love scrolling through her Instagram for inspiration. Lizzie really has a knack for finding the hidden beauty in everyday moments. Here she is talking about her film journey and camera collection


Author : Becca Knight 

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