Remy De Boysère

Our interview with photographer Remy De Boysère, from the Netherlands.

35mm film photo of a white car in the desert

“Film gives me a brief moment of peace in my chaotic head from this chaotic world we live in.”

photography of a reflection in a puddle

What made you first pick up a film camera?

“I was shooting digital for a long time and I was looking for a new challenge. I get bored quick and I needed something to feed my creative muscle. I really liked the feeling analog gives that you can’t replicate on digital. It also makes you stop and think before you take the shot. It slows you down. It gives a brief moment of peace in my chaotic head and this chaotic world we live in.”

What message do you try and convey with your photos?

“Live in the moment. Be yourself, don’t follow the herd.”

distorted image of a swimming pool

What techniques and effects, if any, do you use?

“The only technique/effect I can think of that I use is: I shoot with a flash and when it flashes I move my camera really fast. The picture turns out ‘moved’. But the subject is still in focus. Kinda found this accidentally, I don’t know if more people use this hahah.”

black and white blurry image of girl taken on a film camera

Instagram: @remy.db


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