Andrew Lowe

Andrew Lowe is a Glasgow based photographer who told us a little about his journey with film photography. 

Why do you choose to shoot film over digital?

 "I love all types of photography but I'm just drawn to film more, I enjoy the process and I feel like I'm making images rather than taking them."

What inspires you?

"My biggest inspirations are other photographers (Rosie Matheson, Zed Nelson, Cian Oba-Smith, Dean Martindale, Alec Soth to name a few) and I also use Pinterest. I spend most of my days looking at photography."

 What subject do you love to shoot? 

"Definitely people. I love to shoot portraits, I just find it interesting and I like the idea of stopping time and capturing someone in that moment."

Do you have any advice for beginners?

"Don't give up when you get those blank rolls, it happens to all of us haha."

Is shooting film common where you’re from?

 "It's not as common in Scotland as it is elsewhere, such as in the States or London, but it's starting to grow more now. I think that's the case with most places at the moment."

Can you tell us anything about this photo?

"This image is from a test shoot, I love to try and mix it up and try create something different or add a bit of my own style to an image."


Instagram: @andyxplores 

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